Humorous Ways To Convey Your Best Wishes to People GettingEngaged
Marriages are special occasions. Really special! And when two love-birds have decided to sign the eternal bond, you too would want to wish the dear ones with nuptial bliss. This article offers some amusing ideas to wish the couple a happy married life ahead, but in a different way [...]

Relationship Fears Can Ruin Your HealthyRelationship
The main pillars of a relationship are love, trust and understanding. For some of us who take this for granted, relationship can turn out to be a nightmare. Most of the failed relationships are due to an additional burden of relationship fear; this could be fear of losing themselves, or the fear of getting separated [...]

Some Reasons Why MarriagesFail
Many people believe that Happily-ever-after only happens in fairy tales, or movies for that matter. But many others who are in long term successful marital relationships beg to differ. Successful marriages do exist and happily married couples are not just a fable [...]

Tips For Blending Children From Earlier Relationships Into Your NewFamily
Children from a broken family are often emotionally disturbed and are quite sensitive because they have to separate with one of their biological parents. You may be aware of this fact, if you have just separated from your spouse with your child and are planning for a second marriage or are already married [...]