Choose your Life Partner Wisely
In a bid to get a so-called perfect' life partner people have started looking for more and more NRIs with a wish to get settled abroad. Decision to get married involves lot of factors such as stable life, secured future, luxurious life etc. that one takes into consideration [...]
Legal Requirements for Marriage Ceremony in Australia
If you are getting ready for your Wedding Day in Australia there are certain legalities to be aware of before you decide on your wedding plans. It's highly important for one to understand the legal requirements in Australia before the actual wedding [...]
Online Matchmaking Services: Your Best Bet At Finding Your Soul Mate
Matrimony is a holy affair that entwines two souls and their families in a sacred connection. However, problem arises when a person is ready to mingle but due to fewer prospects available for marriage is forced to stay single [...]
The Glamour And Grandness Of Punjabi Wedding
Whenever we think of Punjabi wedding, the visuals of lavish decoration, loud music, unattended dancing, and sumptuous food immediately comes to our mind. This whole visual is itself a testament of the grand affair that the Punjabi weddings are [...]