Questions You Must Ask BeforeMarriage
They say marriage is the biggest commitment one makes in life and must follow thorough deliberations over matters that hold importance to would-be husband and wife. Rightfully so, after all when happiness and future of two lives are at stake, it's the best to clear the air and be satisfied even on petty issues that may impact the relationship any time later [...]

Signs That Say Whether You Are Ready for Marriage OrNot
Marriage is a lifelong commitment & as such requires a lot of thought & preparation before you think of tying yourself to the chains of matrimony. If not taken seriously, you could end up being stuck in a love-less marriage, or it could leave you with a bad experience which could end up marring any future relationships you could have [...]

Tips On How To Find A PerfectPartner
Everybody has hopes of finding the perfect partner with whom they can spend the rest of their lives happily. Who doesn't want a partner who will understand their dreams & goals in life; a better half with whom they can share their deepest & truest feelings? But finding such a compatible partner is not just a matter of luck or serendipity as many movies & sitcoms would have you believe [...]

Unique Places To Propose Marriage To YourPartner
A marriage proposal is a special moment, both for the partner who is proposing as well as the one who is receiving it. There are many ways to make this special moment even more special; one of the ways is to choose a unique place where you can propose to your partner. If you too are thinking about proposing, read on to get an idea about some of the unique destinations you can try out [...]