How To Shape Up Before The D-Day So your wedding date is set and your extra kilos are causing sleepless nights? Are you having pre-wedding blues about how fit you will look on this special day of your life? Well, wedding is once in a lifetime experience and surely, you do not want to experience it with your out of shape body [...]

Cold Feet Before Marriage? Know Some Simple Ways To Calm Yourself As the day of the nuptials fast approaches, it is very common for the brides and grooms to feel jittery and nervous. This is an indication of the age old condition called Cold feet. Remind yourself that what you are feeling is quite normal and everyone has gone through it at the time of their marriage [...]

How To Maintain A Balance Between Money And Marriage Marriage is the most exciting thing one can experience in his/her life. It simply means sharing your entire life with someone you love. Finance is the most important aspect in this sharing relationship [...]

The Elegant Ceremonies Of Kshatriya Matrimony The Kshatriya matrimony has many elaborate rituals and events that have a deep rooted meaning and significance. Like all other marriages this wedding also starts off with an engagement [...]

Matrimony In India Redefined By The Internet Marriages are made in heaven, so the saying goes. Earlier, parents and elders used to search for marriage proposals for their children. The children were kept out of the picture and after all proceedings are prepared, they were informed of the "decision" [...]

Some Effective Tips For Husbands To Be Marriage is the most awaited occasion in one's life. It is the celebration of two souls coming together and getting united to be inseparable for the rest of their lives. It is often seen that brides to be are very nervous before the D-day. But this fact is undeniable that the grooms to-be are more anxious than the brides [...]

Sindhi Weddings Blend Of Elegance And Traditions India is an amalgamation of cultures. Each community in India has its own traditions and formalities that make it distinct. The Sindhi people are one such prominent community in India. The marriage ceremonies in the Sindhi culture are beautiful and meaningful [...]