Tips on Planning a Catholic Wedding Ceremony
Marriage is the most significant lifetime experience of a person. Everyone wants to make their Wedding Ceremony memorable, pleasing, and spectacular. Making a wedding ceremony perfect is however a challenging as well as a daunting task [...]

Advantages of Matrimonial Sites
With the advancement in technology, finding an ideal life partner is just few clicks away. Matrimonial sites have made it easier and convenient to find the desired life partner. They not only help you to browse through different profiles but also help you to connect with different people [...]

Role Of Marriage Portals In Revolutionizing Indian Matrimony
It is rightly said that the online matrimonial portals have revolutionized the Indian traditional method of finding a suitable match. Now, there is no need to rely on local marriage agents or acquaintance to find a desirable partner. Just register with a leading matrimonial portal and your perfect partner is a few clicks away [...]

Transformation Of Arranged Marriages With The Coming Of Online Matrimonial Sites
In India, Marriage is viewed in a completely different way as opposed to western countries. More than the union of two individuals, a marriage is considered the start of a relationship between two families. Today, we are in an era where the tradition of marriage has been simplified to a few clicks over the Internet [...]

Things that can make your Spouse Feel Happy!
Marriage is a life-long commitment where you and your spouse have to lead many happy and healthy years together. There are several things that you can do to brighten your partner's day. Sweet and loving gestures are simple to make but often neglected, and this sometimes affects the finesse of the relationship [...]