Simple Guide To Planning A ChristianWedding
Planning a wedding, of any faith, is an elaborate task which requires a lot of planning & efforts. A Christian wedding also involves the same. There is detailed planning to be done in order to ensure that the event is successful [...]

Keys To A SuccessfulMarriage
Rather than being a norm, successful marriages are an exception today. Everywhere you see there is either a marriage breaking up or one on the verge of collapsing. Is it so difficult to sustain a marriage? Are the people who have a loving relationship with their spouses despite years of marriage, really exceptional people? Of course not! [...]

Rituals In A Muslim Wedding AnIntroductionAs per the Islamic teachings, the marriage is not just a union of two people; it is a sacred ceremony that lays the foundation for a family. Muslim marriages are called Nikah' & are traditionally solemnized by the Imam. The traditional Muslim marriages take place in a Mosque in the presence of family, friends & other relatives [...]

Tips On How To Select Unique Gifts For YourHusband
Exchanging gifts is a common enough practice today. With there being so many occasions to exchange gifts, & there being no dearth of different kinds of gifts in the market, finding a unique gift for your husband can be a daunting task indeed. [...]