Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself A quick search with the words like "marriage", "husband," and "wife", pops out around 500 references from the Old and New Testament! Isn't that satisfactory enough to show what an important place marriage holds in Christianity and a Christian's life. In a Christian marriage, the man and the woman commit themselves to spend the rest of their lives together and develop a partnership of love [...]

Ramgarhia Matrimonial: Create Your Matrimonial Profile to find Suitable Brides and Grooms Are you looking for your soul mate? You have registered on a Matrimonial Website but do not know how to create an attractive profile? Then you are at the right place! Everybody wants to create an appealing matrimonial profile but very often, they tend to forget about some essential things that are necessary to grab the attention of profile visitors [...]

The Mathematics of Marriage No doubt, Indian marriages are an extravaganza of pomp and show. However, underneath these big, fat marriages, there lies a set of sacred customs and rituals, of which the seven vows or the saptapadi' are one of the most imperative rituals. With each vow, the couple makes a lifelong commitment, in front of the holy fire' and amidst the chanting of religious mantras, to lead an eternally blissful married life together. Those seven vows and their particular significance are listed below[...]

Marriage How It Affects Men & Women Differently The title of John Gray's book Men are from Mars, women are from Venus' says it all, when it comes to the differences between men and women. This difference becomes even more apparent when we talk about marriage aspect & how it affects men and women differently. According to research done, it has been established that married people have better mental health and also have a longer life [...]