Indian Matrimonial Sites The FirstChoice
In a country like India, where the institution of marriage is taken very seriously, it is no wonder that Indian Matrimonial Sites have emerged as a great medium for parents and families looking for prospective grooms and brides.There are many reasons why Indian Matrimonial Sites have become an important tool in the hands of aspiring brides/grooms [...]

Fake Profiles: The Down-side Of Indian MatrimonialSites
Indian Matrimonial Sites have, to a great extent, taken over the match making arena. Though there are many happily married people today ( all thanks to these Indian Matrimonial sites) who are ready to vouch for the success rate of this medium, there are a larger number who have fallen prey to unscrupulous elements & scams online [...]

Some Parlor Games Idea For The WeddingParty
A parlor game at the wedding reception may sound childish to many people but it is a nice way to have fun along with friends and family. Also it would also help make the wedding eve more special and memorable for the bride and groom [...]

Some Wedding Gift Ideas ToConsider
Buying a Wedding Gift!!! Though the idea may seem enjoyable and pleasurable to many, only those who have had to undergo the wedding gift buying experience will be able to empathize with me and my sentiments when I say it is not an easy task at all [...]