Ceremonies In An Italian Wedding Are you planning your wedding? Don't want to go the usual way? Well you can make it unique, romantic and blessed by doing it in an Italian style! Yes, we are taking about an Italian Wedding Ceremony! Even if going to Tuscany for exchanging vows isn't possible, you can still add a touch of Italy to the most celebrated day of your life and make it memorable by following the common traditions and ceremonies of an Italian Wedding [...]

Tips on Interracial Marriage Interracial Marriages not only increase the chances of finding the right soulmate but also help one to know about different cultures and traditions. No doubt that society is becoming very open about their children, peers or relatives choosing a life partner that belongs to some other race, religion or culture. However, there are still many who take dating or marrying across racial lines as a stigma [...]

Getting Married Can Be Fun Is your marriage on the cards? Does that make you fidget? Well marriage being such an important decision of life is sure to run a few droplets of sweat and cause sleepless nights. But hey this life changing step does not mean the end of all the fun! Yes, there is a lot more in marriage than just commitments and compulsions [...]

Italian Wedding: Its Customs, Traditions & Folklores Italian Weddings are indeed one of the most lavish indulgences! Lengthy celebrations and scrumptious food, all are the integral parts of engagement & reception ceremonies in an Italian Wedding. Apart from merry making, the rich traditions and folklores make Italian Wedding very special [...]