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Hindu Oriya Matrimony: An Overview
India's historic inheritance endows it with many ancient customs and marriages are no different. Just like any other region in India, marriages are a grand affair in Orissa. The Hindu Oriya Matrimony involves various customary practices that have been coming down through the generations [...]

Are Matrimonial Site Marriages, The New Age Arranged Marriages
India is a country that has numerous traditional customs and beliefs in terms of Marriages. The average conservative Indian believes in Arranged Marriages in spite of having amorous love affairs. At the end of the day, he/she believes in adhering to his/her parents' wishes while making the final decision[...]

Indian Matrimonial Sites: Making The Perfect Matches
Indian Matrimonial Sites connect the Prospective Brides and Bridegrooms to one another. They provide the platform for the online messages and chats between the prospective partners, which may get converted to meetings and, if all goes well, then marriage. The Matrimonial Sites require the creation of an account via free registration [...]

Marriages Are Made In Matrimonial Sites
A Matrimonial Site is the modern day "matchmaker" in India, a country deeply rooted in tradition, where arranged marriages have been performed since ages to establish a sacred bond between two families. In this age of Gen X, where love marriages are considered the "in thing", Matrimonial Sites are proving to be the new approach to arrange marriages [...]

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