In the weeks preceding her marriage, you can find a bride planning for her wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding ring, wedding gown, and many other things, because she comes in contact with such things only once in a lifetime. For a bride, the day of marriage has a significant value that drives her to make an effort about her look, appearance, skin quality, and all. Considering the current trend, brides are not just concerned about their hair, face or skin, but for their nails as well.

Fabulous Nail Art on the finely shaped nails in colorful and appealing patterns helps a bride to adorn herself uniquely on the big day- her Marriage. You can get mesmerizing designing done over your nails that will surely win your soul-mate's heart. But remember that your nails will be in limelight for the whole day, just some inches away from your wedding ring, which will be viewed by hundreds of family members, guests and friends. Thus, you can follow these simple tips to make your looks a sensation and make memories to last forever.

Tips For Nail Art :

  • Take a while to get used to the nail extensions or enhancements by wearing them for a day or long
  • Two weeks prior to the occasion date, apply the nails so that you will get comfortable with them
  • One or two weeks before, book your re-balance session so that your nails look best
  • Bridals should keep their nail art simple so that it compliments other accessories rather than overpowering them
  • Use sparkling colors in place of dark & deep ones
  • Ensure that the best quality nail paints are used
  • Make sure that the Nail paints and colors are skin friendly

    On your wedding day, each accessory worn by you will be captured by the camera for eternity in your wedding pictures and videos. So make sure that you get to have memories of many compliments by just spending a little time on beautiful Nail Art on that day.