New Year, as we all know, is a time for celebrations and resolutions. This celebratory time becomes all the more enjoyable when it is spent with your spouse. Instead of working on the cliched “New Year, new me” resolution, couples should both work as a team to make this year a fruitful one.

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"What New Year resolutions should we make as a couple?"

It’s simple, just focus on all the week points in your marriage and work on them to strengthen your relationship. Better still, resolve to make the New Year better in terms of fitness, finances and social life. To help you out, we have picked out some of the best New Year resolutions that you can make to fill your married life with love and happiness.

  • Go On Date Nights :
    Most of the couples complain all year round about their partner not having the initial spark anymore. Resolve to go on date nights at least twice every month to keep the enthusiasm alive between the two of you. Dedicate a date or two in the month to put off the work and go to new places with your spouse and spend quality time together.

  • Be More Understanding :
    The initial understanding that you shared with your partner fades away with time. The onset of New Year is a great way to resolve to be more understanding towards your spouse this year and not lose your cool at petty arguments. Resolve to understand their situation and listen to them quietly to know what they are dealing with. Talk to them and help them out rather than getting annoyed.

  • Start Saving Together :
    As a couple, it is a must that you start saving for a happy future. Whether you have already made investments for future or are still in the planning phase, make 2017 the year of your financial savings. Draft a plan for your savings and work together to achieve it. Be it for your pending vacation, new house or retirement, start monitoring your expenses and save money together.

  • Do Small Things Together :
    What’s the best way to strengthen the bond of love with your partners? Just work on small household chores together like cooking, gardening or even cleaning. Resolve to do small things together this year to spend as much time as possible with the love of your life. This would not only ease the process but also give you time to know each other better. Dedicate time for reading books or trying a new activity this year to get closer to your partner in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

  • Start Complimenting Your Partner :
    Everyone loves being complimented for all the good things that he/she does. Resolve to compliment your partner for being there in your life and making it beautiful. Don’t take your partner’s good work for granted. Complimenting is a great way to let your partner know about your feelings. Resolve to be open about your expressions. If you liked the way your partner dressed or the way they helped you with a particular work then don’t forget to appreciate them.

  • Work On Each Other’s Health:
    Staying fit is one of the most common New Year resolutions. As a couple, it becomes even more important to work on each other’s health. Resolve to get fit and hit the gym together to burn the excess fat. Plan an exercise and diet chart for both of you, encourage your partner to work according to it. Make fitness goals for the year and work out to achieve them together.

New Year is indeed a time of celebration and merriment. Resolving to come out as a better person in the coming year is apparently the goal of everyone. But for all the couples out there, there need to be some points added to your resolution list to make this year a more fruitful one. Don’t limit yourself to the ones specified by us, monitor your marriage and make resolutions accordingly to strengthen your love.