The Punjabis, known for their laughter, liveliness and of course, the bhangra, know how to pull every stop when it comes to celebrating. And what can be a better occasion to celebrate than a family wedding? Traditional Punjabi marriage is splendid occasion of celebration with of plentiful fun & frolic and several interesting rituals.

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Rituals At The Bride's Home :

  • Chuda : Chuda refers to a set of red and cream ivory bangles. A havan is conducted by the pandit to commemorate this ritual. People touch the chuda, worn by the girl, and give their warmest wishes to her.
  • Vatna : Vatna involves applying the paste made from turmeric powder and mustard oil. Vatna is applied all over the girl's body by her friends and relatives. This is done to make the girl look beautiful on her wedding day.

Rituals At The Groom's Home :

  • Sehrabandi : After the groom gets dressed up in his wedding clothes, a pooja is performed. Thereafter, the groom's father ties the "sehra" on the groom's head.
  • Ghodi Chadna : The groom's sister-in-law lines the eyes of the boy with surma. Thereafter, the groom's sisters feed and decorate his mare. The boy finally climbs the horse and leaves his home for the wedding venue.

Rituals At The Marriage Venue

  • Varmala : Varmala begins the marriage rituals and involves the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom. During this time, the bride's sisters, in fun and frolic, steal the groom's shoes. It is a fun tradition, in which the girls charge an amount of money in return for the shoes.
  • Phere : The bride and groom take seven rounds around the sacred fire, while the pandit recites the religious mantras. The couple promises to be committed with each other on the name of god.

Like any other Indian wedding ceremony, Punjabi wedding is also ritualistic. Punjabi weddings are full of grandeur and are celebrated with great pomp and show from the start to the end.