Can one disagree to the fact that in India the sanctity attached to the institution of marriage is immense? For ages it was up to the parents to find a perfect match for their children. An undisputable fact is that marriage is a core element in the setup of the Indian society. Will it be correct to say that as times changed, youth began to question the decision of the parents in selecting a life partner and craved to secure the veto in their own hands, to find one's soul-mate.

Technology and Tradition join hands
With the dawn of the internet on the society, the world gradually progressed towards becoming a global village with any kind of information being available with the click of a mouse. The advent of internet, its numerous utilities made its presence felt in the domain of Indian marriage. And alas!! the bugle was played and arrived, the matrimonial sites which became a tool for the young to choose a partner of their choice and at the same time the older generation could be a part of the decision making process carrying forward the structure of arranged marriage without going through the hassles that otherwise existed in the by gone days. One can go on counting at one's finger tips, the numerous matrimonial sites that are today available on the internet. One mind ticker is- does every internet user log on to these sites even once out of curiosity?

Why use the matrimonial sites ?

  • Matrimonial site allows a user a membership for a nominal fees and one can avail the privilege to assess the biodatas and photographs of severalpersons who are eligible for marriage.
  • These sites offer solutions to Indian people who want to get married by procedures other than arranged marriage. A user can talk to a large number of prospective partners and proceed according to the requirements of the individual.
  • The facility of consulting astrologers is also made available in the matrimonial sites and the most important USP of these sites is a wide arena of options, made open for a person to choose from. One can seek to find a match from different countries, states, caste, religions and community.
  • Information about an individual along with the photographs is posted on the sites and adding to the advantage of using the sites is the fact that the need to face rejection from potential bride/groom/in-laws is done away with.

    Online matrimonial is a thriving industry catering to the young, educated class of the society who are always on the look out for new ways of doing things to make life more interesting and fun. And can it be said today-marriages are not made in heaven but online. Thus the matrimonial sites are on the march towards providing a make-over to the age old system of Indian arranged marriages.