Mr Right - The dream of every woman out there, whatever country she hails from, whichever language she speaks, irrespective of whether she is in late 20s or early 40s. Mr Right - the one guy that defines the search of every woman across the globe, who is looking for a partner to settle down with, or fall in love with.

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Mr Right is a term that has different implications for different woman. Every woman's definition of a perfect guy is different. For me, the perfect guy may mean somebody who shares a similar interest in reading, loves animals, shares the same dislikes & so on. For another woman, a rich guy, or one with a good sense of humor would be the Perfect Guy.

In a recent issue of a popular magazine, there was an article on relationships & a woman's eternal search for Mr Right. As per the writer's view, there was no such entity as Mr Right, and according to that writer, this search is a futile one, to say the least. In fact, the writer compared a woman's quest for finding Mr Right to chasing rainbows, & attributed this quest for the failure of number of marriages and relationships. While this may be taking the issue too far, the article does prompt you to think about whether there may be any truth behind the statement.

If you ask my opinion, Mr Right does exist, the only thing is - do you have the patience to find him? If you answer is a quick yes, then you may need to rethink it again; do you really have the patience to handle all the Mr Wrongs you may have to go through before you find the Mr Right.

Mr Wrong may include- a momma's boy', he may be a guy who thinks women are the the weaker sex' or he may be the bossy kinds & likes to have the last word in every discussion you have. Whatever the situation, patience is the key here. As a wise woman once said it is better to have a late marriage, than a failed one'. So all the best & have a great time hunting for Mr Right!