They say marriage is the biggest commitment one makes in life and must follow thorough deliberations over matters that hold importance to would-be husband and wife. Rightfully so, after all when happiness and future of two lives are at stake, it's the best to clear the air and be satisfied even on petty issues that may impact the relationship any time later. Often in excitement and joy, we tend to lose our focus from the questions that matter the most and that should not be skipped at any cost before getting into a life term union such a marriage. Here is the list of few of those questions you must ask your prospective partner before tying the knot.

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  • Is your partner really happy? This is a question that may set the things very clear. Nothing less than a firm "yes" should matter to you.
  • Is your partner really prepared to get into such a serious relationship or he/she needs more time?
  • In case you happen to be the would-be husband, ask if she will be fine in adjusting to the whole new environment, the new family, the new home or does she prefer a nuclear set-up. This is an aspect generally overlooked by many but needs to be sorted out in the very beginning. Do respect each other's professional aspirations and exchange questions on the same. Are there any specific career goals your would-be your seek? If yes, will she be able to balance her work life and domestic life? What sort of support she expects from you? What if you cannot render what she hopes on this front?
  • Most importantly, what sort of lifestyle she expects to lead with you? Does she desire a lavish lifestyle or will she be able to adjust to your means?
  • Family planning is a matter that needs to be discussed without any hesitation? How many kids do each of you want and after how much time? There must be agreement over this issue.

These are some of the questions you must put forth to your prospective life partner. Candid replies will pave the way a happy and prosperous life for both of you.

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