Every bride looks for the perfect wedding dress to look special on this important day. The significance of a wedding dress is such that no compromises can ever be made, isn't it? But what if your dream dress goes beyond your budget? The best option in such a case is to rent one. A rented dress is not the same as a new one but it is a very economical option. There is a good chance that you can get the perfect dress for your wedding on rent, which you could not have able to afford otherwise. Moreover, the money spent on the dress that you have to wear just once in a lifetime can be spent effectively on other celebrations and functions. Renting a wedding dress is a common phenomenon these days but certain points are to be kept in mind while doing so. First of all you should conduct a thorough market research to know all the stores and salons in detail that offer wedding dresses on rent. Choose the one that is credible and renowned for trusted deals. Different stores offer different rental packages. Some stores even provide matching accessories along with the dresses. Now it is up to you to go for the dress that suits you the best. The points that you must keep in mind before renting such a dress are:

  • Check the condition of the dress - You should check the dress properly to ensure that it is not dirty or torn off or defective. Why? Well, everybody does not need to know that the dress is not a new one, so select the dress which does not look used.
  • Rent the dress before the big day is yet to come - You must place the order many days before the wedding so that the fittings and alterations can be done well in time. You can't run the risk of last minute rushes with your special dress.
  • Settle all the terms and conditions in advance - You must decide in advance the rent, penalties on delay in returning dress and whether the provision of making alterations is available or not.
  • Pick the dress yourself - As you are the best judge of what you want and you are the best person to take care of every small detail for your dress.

    So, go out and make a rational decision that will save your precious money while make you look like a million bucks on this special day of your life.