Organizing a wedding ceremony includes an important task which cannot be ignored i.e. arranging the seats for guest. Appropriate seats should be allocated including the families of both bride and groom as sometimes wrong allocation may result into complaints from the guests. Following are the instructions that can be considered while making seating arrangement for the wedding :

  • Before planning anything, one should have the list of the guests that are attending the wedding as without the list, it won't be easy to allocate right number of seats to the guests.
  • An ideal seating for the couple's parents, typically seen at the traditional church weddings, comprises the groom's parents being seated on the right side and bride's parents being on the left side. The rest of the family is generally seated behind the seats allocated to the parents of the couple. The important task is to have a layout of the arrangement of the seats as this will make it easy to allot the seats wisely.
  • The seating for the close relatives and friends should be in proximity to the seating of the bride and groom. It's better to place a card with the name of the guest at each seat for ease.
  • The seating of younger children should be arranged with their parents; the adolescents may either sit with their parents or at the separate chairs. If several children would be attending the ceremony, it is better to have children's corner. The table can be placed somewhat separately from the seating of the parents but in the setting where parents can easily keep tabs on the kids.
  • When arranging the seats, it should be kept in mind that old people should not be made sit near the speakers. The guests who have the mobility issues should be made sit near to the exit doors or the rest rooms.

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Seating plans do play an important role not only at wedding ceremony but at every formal and informal occasion. Make the best arrangements with prioritizing the comfort of your guests. Last but not least, be always ready for the last minute change in the arrangements.