Marriage is a lifelong commitment & as such requires a lot of thought & preparation before you think of tying yourself to the chains of matrimony. If not taken seriously, you could end up being stuck in a love-less marriage, or it could leave you with a bad experience which could end up marring any future relationships you could have. To avoid all the unnecessary pain & emotional turmoil, it is essential to ensure that both you and your partner are ready for marriage. So how do you determine that you are absolutely ready to become a husband/wife? Read on to find out about the different signs that tell whether you are ready for marriage or not.

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Sign 1 # You And Your Partner Have Never Talked About The Future
You may have discussed all the random things under the sun from your favorite holiday destinations to your favorite designer, but if you have not talked about your marital future then it is a sure shot sign that both of you are not ready for this. Talking about marital future includes talking about topics like whether you or other person is interested in having kids in future, when & how many, whether they would continue working or not, & so on. It is very important to find out whether you & your partner have a similar opinion on such sensitive topics or not. Having common goals is very essential for the success of your marriage.

Sign 2 # Both You And Your Partner Are Financially Unstable
Though idealists (read romantics) all over the world may raise a hue & cry over this point, it is true that a relationship can survive on love alone. If neither of you are financially stable, then you could be laying a very shaky foundation for the future of your marriage.

Sign 3 # There Is A Lack Of Trust Between You & Your Partner
The reasons for the lack of trust factor could be anything - from an infidelity issue in the past, or it could be the flirtatious nature of your partner in general (or vice versa), or any other. But if you do not trust each other, then you better not think about marriage. Mutual trust between partners is very essential for the success of a marriage.

If any of these signs are visible in your relationship then it means that marriage should not be considered, at least until both of you have mutually sorted out these issues.