Sikh Wedding, A Boisterous Event

A Sikh Wedding is always a fun filled occasion for the guests. It is a colourful and boisterous event like most other Indian weddings. But the only difference lies in the traditions and rituals of a Sikh Wedding. It is good to know about the basic rituals of a Sikh Wedding so that you do not look unprepared. If you have never attended a Sikh Wedding and are invited to one then read on further to get prepared for this religious and grand occasion.

The Wedding Ceremony : Basically a Sikh Wedding is a daytime event, and it is long one. The ceremonies start early in the morning and can last till late in the evening. It is advisable to take good rest in the previous day so that you remain fresh and active in all the ceremonies. The ceremony starts with the religious ceremony of Anantkaaraj in Gurudwara where the bride and groom are married as their souls are merged with each other in the presence of god. Many prayers and songs are recited during this ceremony that fills your heart with deep feelings of spirituality and love. This ceremony lasts for about an hour.

What to Wear? During a Sikh Wedding ceremony, it is mandatory for men and women to cover their heads and remove their shoes. Traditional dresses are worn by everyone. While women wear bright colour suits or sarees, men wear kurta pyjamas. Wearing of short or revealing dresses is strictly prohibited. If you are a foreigner and do not have a traditional dress then you can take a shawl or scarf to cover your shoulders and head.

Lunch : After this ceremony the guests are taken for lunch. While traditionally the lunch is held within the Gurudwara and is known as Langar. Modern Sikh Weddings organise lunch outside the Gurudwara. The lunch is splendid and scrumptious as many authentic food dishes are present. You will definitely enjoy the rich and flavourful Indian food.

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All in all a Sikh Wedding is a very spiritual and enjoyable event. After the wedding ceremonies are complete the families and friends of the bride and the groom celebrate this vibrant event. People dance on the beats of the DJ and enjoy themselves thoroughly.