India is an amalgamation of cultures. Each community in India has its own traditions and formalities that make it distinct. The Sindhi people are one such prominent community in India. The marriage ceremonies in the Sindhi culture are beautiful and meaningful. Their weddings are a blend of Hindu and Sufi traditions and usually take place on auspicious days like Satyanarayan Chandsi or the new moon day. There are number of interesting ceremonies and rituals that are observed with dedication. The various rituals and ceremonies in a typical Sindhi wedding include :

  • Pre Wedding Rituals : In Kachchi Misri, coconut and mishri are presented to the bride and groom to signify their unity. Pakki Mishri is a formal ceremony that takes place a week prior to the wedding. A formal engagement takes place and the couple exchanges rings. Berana Satsang honors the Sindhi God, Jhulelal. The bride's hands are then adorned with Mehndi. In the Sangeet ceremony, women dance and enjoy with music and songs. Flowers are showered on the bride during the Saagri.
  • Wedding Rituals : The thread ceremony has a lot of significance in the marriage rituals. After this ritual, the bride and groom are not allowed to go out of the house. During the Swagatam ceremony, the groom is welcomed into the bride's house by her sisters and friends. During the main ceremony, the couple sits before the holy fire. Then they circle the fire four times while the priest chants the scared mantras. The parents of the bride place her hand into the groom's hands as a part of the Kanya Daan ceremony.
  • Post Wedding Rituals : The bride is welcomed into the groom's house. The bride takes a fistful of salt and hands it over to the groom. He then gives it back to her, without spilling it. The ceremony is repeated three times and constitutes the Datar Ceremony.

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These rituals and ceremonies have deep seated meanings and significances. They help the couple make the transition into the new life. This way two people come together as one and enter into a relationship of bliss and happiness.