The first thought about a Big Fat Indian wedding that strikes our mind is a grand gala affair celebrated with full fun and grandeur. Indian weddings are an elaborate affair and include many interesting rituals and ceremonies that brighten up the whole atmosphere. You must be aware of pre-wedding ceremonies i.e. the Mehndi and Haldi ceremony, but, there are other special moments that pertain to the traditional Indian wedding and add up to the fun quotient. Take a sneak peak at them

Arrival of Baarat
Baarat is actually a procession comprising the groom's family and his friends who dance to the tune of music played by the band members till the time they reach the wedding venue. Once, they reach the venue, the family members and friends of the groom are given a grand welcome by the bride's family. But, they are allowed to enter the venue only when the groom pays a token of cash to the bride's sisters who throng at the entrance of the venue.

Varmala or Jai Mala is one of most important rituals at the Indian wedding. But, what exactly is a Varmala? It is actually a garland made using fresh flowers. Both the bride and the groom put the Varmala around each other's neck. Mostly, the bride and the groom's friends or relatives respectively lift them up to make it difficult for the other one to put the Varmala around him/her. It brings an element of enjoyment at the wedding and makes everybody smile.

Shoe Stealing Ceremony
As soon as the groom removes his shoes to sit into the mandap for the "saat pheras", the bride's sisters who are waiting for this opportunity, steal his shoes. In return for the same, the groom pays certain amount of cash that the bride's sisters demand.

Post Wedding Games
Once the bride and the groom reach home after tying that nuptial knot, they play certain games arranged by the groom's family members. Out of all, the most popular is one whereby the bride and the groom are asked to put their engagement rings in a large bowl of milk. Then, they search for their rings in that bowl and the person who finds it first is deemed to have an upper hand in their future life.

These are only few, there are various other such ceremonies that take place during the wedding procession. All these special wedding ceremonies make the event truly memorable and a long lasting experience. Actually, it is these traditional rituals and ceremonies that make the Indian weddings stand out from the rest.