So you are through with the honeymoon and the golden years at the beginning of the marriage, now what? The prospect of having a life partner may be very reassuring for many but sometimes it is not as rosy as it is believed to be. You may start having problems with the way your partner eats or sleeps and other habits. You may feel disheartened about such things but it's not a new problem. Most of the things are faced by a majority of couples so you don't have to crib much about it. But, if you are still concerned on how to keep that spark alive in the relationship, then just follow these tips that could make things much easier in married life.

  • You will have to first identify the difference between talking and communicating. As there are different ways followed by both men and women to communicate, it becomes important for you to learn to communicate in their manner. Women generally consider the feelings of others before communicating and men are direct and straight to the point. They believe more in fixing the problem rather than empathizing.
  • Avoid the blame game, as it is bad for your relationship. Anyone can commit a mistake but it's more important to forgive others' mistake and accept our own mistakes. Blaming each other spoils a relationship over a period time as it drags an issue.
  • Trust your partner, as it's very important to make them feel trusted. This increases the mutual respect so please keep jealousy and suspicion away from your relationship.
  • Learn to compromise and sacrifice for your partner. Sacrificing at times will make things easy for you and your partner as well. This would encourage both partners to appreciate each other's efforts.
  • Talk clearly about expectations and set rules. If you sit and talk to your partner about what you expect out them. Set certain rules and try practicing them. This may take some time but you need to be patient enough.

    Following these tips would not only help you solve issues in married life but would also establish a strong foundation for marital bliss in the later years. It is not possible that both partners can become perfectly compatible but it is possible to make an effort for achieving a balance in the relationship.