The bond of matrimony is one of the most sacred bonds one can share. Matrimony links two people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One's spouse is someone one goes back home to, looks forward to talk to, share joys, sorrows, insecurities, doubts, apprehensions, fears, and so much more. The act of joining two lives in matrimony also involves the use of several vows, symbols, emotions and belief. These symbols make the realization of the happy moments that bind the two people together. Whether they are in the form of offerings made to the Almighty, or wedding symbols exchanged between the bride and groom or even elements used in the form of decoration, the entire set up of a wedding is enriching and overwhelming in a big way.

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But what are these symbols being spoken about here? The Catholic Church follows certain traditions, based on which, the preparation and proceedings of a wedding are carried out. The symbols used here have some meaning or the other and even though these are materialistic elements, so to speak, but their significance and existence at a wedding ceremony solemnizes the ceremony even more.

Essential Elements That Act As Symbols In Matrimony :

  • Rings : These are small yet extremely significant symbols of marriage of two people. Rings, or wedding bands, as they are referred to, were initially considered betrothal presents and are now an accepted symbol for the being married. These rings depict the eternal love of love for a married couple.
  • Unity Candle : The Unity candle generally symbolizes the unity or joining of two families and the unity of the bride and the groom. It is an eternal symbol of commitment to each other.
  • White Weddings Dress : In Christian weddings, one of the biggest attractions is the white wedding gown of the bride. The dress has a twin-significance, of purity and reverence to the Almighty.
  • Music, Flowers and Decoration : Other symbols like music, flowers and decoration add to the holy set up of the union of the people.

    The symbols of marriage are holy, sacred and as important in the wedding ceremony, as are the celebrations, the congratulations and the bond mentioned in the beginning of this piece. The presence of these expands the joy of the people around and the elation of the couple as well.