The fact that the people of Kashmir add to the picturesque and natural beauty that surrounds them is well-known and whole-heartedly accepted all across the globe. What is little known about the region of Kashmir is the fact that the Weddings that take place in the area are as magnificent and exquisite. The Kashmiri Wedding represents the rich culture and vibrant aura of the Kashmiris in the true sense.

Scene At The Groom's Place Before The Wedding : Groom's paternal uncle helps him tie the turban, which is known as Gordastar. Then using a Gold thread, Peacock feather is tied to the turban. Then before leaving from the house, the Groom is asked to stand on the Vyog. Vyog is a beautiful design made from colors and rice flour. The Groom is then asked to eat nabad. Then a Conch Shell is blown to declare that the procession is ready to leave. Two rice pots in which some money is kept are distributed among the poor.

Welcoming the Guests : A Conch Shell is blown when the Groom and his family and friends reach the wedding venue. The maternal uncle of the bride takes bride and groom to the vyog. After the eldest lady of the bride's family gives nabad to the bride and the groom and two rice pots are given to the poor, the Dwar Puja is performed by the purohit.

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Wedding Rituals : The Wedding Rituals of a Kashmiri Wedding are quite interesting. The purohit conducts the ceremony in front of the holy fire. The ritual called Aathwas is then conducted. For this, the bride and the groom are asked to cross arms and hold each other's hands. Then with a cloth, their hands are covered. It is believed according to the Kashmiri Folklore that the one who takes out the wedding ring first will rule the married life. After this ritual, a golden thread is tied on the foreheads of the bride and the groom and they are asked to keep their right foot on a grinding stone, which is known as Kajwat. Thereafter, the couple begins the pheras by stepping on seven one rupee coins for the first phera. After seven pheras, the couple feed each other some rice. The couple is then taken to be wedded life partners. This sacred Kashmiri Wedding, not only brings the lovely couple closer but it also gives the friends and relatives a reason to get together and celebrate.