The Changing Trends In Marriages

The Changing Trends In MarriagesMarriage is a bond between two people who decide to spend their whole life with each other. Since traditional times, marriages have been an important part of human society. Be it any country, community or religion, marriages are the foundation of human relations. There is a famous saying that marriages are made in heaven. This means that every person is destined to meet his/her life partner someday. While some people do believe in this concept, there are also some people who do not find this statement practical enough.

It is indeed true, that some people do fall in love with someone during their lifetime and eventually marry them and swear that it was destined. But there are also some people who are not able to find their life partner miraculously and have to rely on different mediums for selecting the right partner. This does not mean that their marriages are not beautiful or they have to compromise. Instead, they just chose their partner in a more practical way and fall in love with them later. In India particularly, love marriages are a comparatively new concept.

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Arranged marriage has been and still is the major wedding concept. Parents select a suitable life partner for their children and give blessings to them for a beautiful married life. While, earlier it used to take a lot of time to find a good partner for arranged marriages, today the presence of many matrimonial and matchmaking websites has literally made it possible to select a good partner easily without any problems. Matchmaking websites provide suitable options to an individual and the person can get to know the other person by chatting, meeting and spending some time with him/her. The internet has virtually made it possible to find the desired life partner from any place, profession, age and status. While some websites charge some amount of money for their services, some of them are free and do not cost any money.

It only depends on the choice of the individual which medium they want to choose for selecting the right life partner. Some may like to fall in love first and then marry while some may want to marry first and then fall in love. Both ways have their own set of advantages. Whichever concept they like the most, matrimonial websites are there to help in finding the right life partner. And who knows, if the selected person is actually the soul mate decided in heaven?

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The Changing Trends In Marriages

In general, people who are in matrimonial search for their better half should be aware with a new fact which is griping families these days in Delhi/NCR region. To put forward straight, it is better to avoid girl for matrimonial alliance from a family, who has just 2 daughters in all. They pose themselves very traditional & innocent during initial talks & try to canvas a caring & trustworthy outlook towards the alliance. It is an experience by many in past & present that these families have an intrinsic insecurity about their livelihood post marriage of their sibling daughters. One may experience, that parents of these married daughters in order to escape from their loneliness begin interfering with day to day affairs of daughter’s married life and that to within a period of 1 year post marriage. This syndrome is so intensive that they start poking the girl by routinely communicating on daily basis. Further, the girl posturing herself as duty bound towards her parents, in revert also shows interest by spreading rumours & instigate false allegations against in-laws & husband in order to escape from her responsibilities. Such false disturbances are taken benefit by girl’s parent to safeguard her rights & thereby they call her back to stay at her maternal home. Hope this experience will help families in taking further steps for matrimonial search with caution.

Its right time has changed. Websites have helped a lot to many people. But Still people have not that much faith and they are mostly confused to select which one.As everyone boosts themselves.Some are paid and some are not.The members loose the patience if they do not get the replies from the website quickly. But we are a hope for them that they can find the partner. Lets continue it with the patience and trust. I liked your point that some charge and some are free and it depends on the person to select one.As many websites that do not charge complaints that the websites that charge are not good or they are not trustworthy. That's wrong to say.As it depends on the person to person. I truly agree with you as its Marriage the best and beautiful moment of every ones life.Do not consider it as a promotion for my website as we are a social organisation who are trying to make people believe and unite them for the most auspicious and truthful which is marriage

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