India possesses a rich cultural and traditional heritage. In keeping with this trend, weddings in India are an elaborate affair, filled with ritual and celebration that continue for several days. In India, it is considered that marriages are made in heaven, so on the day of the wedding, the intended couple wants to make this special day a remarkable lifetime affair. The current times has added an extra sheen to the occasion of wedding with more and more new generation couples wanting to avail the best wedding themes in their bid to make their wedding unusual and memorable event of their life. This has given rise to the concept of wedding packages of various kinds, which helps the potential couples in realizing their aim of having a dream wedding.

Wedding packages in India includes the following aspects :

  • The wedding packages in India are devised to suit the budget and the requirements of the individuals. Moreover, certain wedding packages can be customized to accommodate the individual needs of the clients.
  • The options under these packages are planned with personalized attention to every detail.
  • The selection of the wedding venue and the reception area is a significant part of the wedding package. The exotic and innovative wedding packages offered today include diverse settings such as garden wedding, traditional wedding, sunset wedding, submarine wedding, waterfall wedding, seaside chapel wedding and so on. The wedding packages include the decoration of the ceremony and the reception site along with the flower decor.
  • Wedding packages would be incomplete without the provision of selecting a sumptuous bridal dress, picking a suitable hairstyle and an exclusive beauty treatment.
  • The other factors that are incorporated in the wedding packages are catering arrangements, deciding the menu and the arrangements of hot and cold beverages and so on.
  • Last but not the least, transportation arrangements, photography and the cleaning services are also included in the packages.

    Wedding packages help in hosting a hassle free wedding ceremony when conducted on large- scale with grand plans. This shows a reflection of western materialism that is slowly seeping into Indian rituals and traditions.