The Glamour And Grandness Of Punjabi Wedding

Whenever we think of Punjabi wedding, the visuals of lavish decoration, loud music, unattended dancing, and sumptuous food immediately comes to our mind. This whole visual is itself a testament of the grand affair that the Punjabi weddings are. India is a land of different cultures and religion, and you can get a true glimpse of this vibrant culture in the wedding functions. The pomp and show of the Punjabi Weddings are truly imbibed in different rituals and functions that culminate in the wedding. So, let us look at the pre-wedding functions of the Punjabi wedding.

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The Glamour And Grandness Of Punjabi Wedding :

  • Roka : This is an informal agreement and confirmation of the wedding between the families of the bride and groom. This function is usually performed at the bride's place involving puja and exchange of gifts and sweets.
  • Sagan or magni : This is the biggest function that happens before wedding. It is an engagement ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings with each other. This function again is followed by exchange of gifts between the families of the bride and groom-to-be.
  • Sagan or chunni chadana : At this occasion, the sister-in-law of the groom-to-be presents chunni to the bride-to-be. She is then, fed with boiled rice and milk by her mother-in law. It is followed by a havan and Tika ceremony held for blessing the bride and groom.
  • Sangeet : It is the time when the true Punjabi character comes out, and the whole bride and groom family enjoy themselves in the loud music and dancing. Punjabi sangeet is loud, colorful, cheerful, and full of life. It reflects the true character of Punjabis and their philosophy of living life to the fullest.
  • Mehendi : In this ceremony, the bride's hands are decorated with beautiful henna designs. The henna is seen as a good shagun. Even, the groom applies a little bit of Mehendi on his hand. The henna color connotes love and luck.
  • Vatna : The ceremony is performed few days before the wedding. Vatna, a paste, made from turmeric, barley or chickpea flour, mustard oil and turmeric is applied on the bodies of the bride and groom-to-be. It follows a ritual bath performed in the presence of the respective families amidst the rhythms of traditional Punjabi wedding songs.
  • Chuda Ceremony : This ceremony is performed at the maternal uncle's place. The bride-to be is put on with a set of red and cream ivory bangles, also known as chuda. The chuda is a marriage symbol, which she can take out only after a fixed period. Also, a havan is performed by the priest to put iron bangle with shells and beads along with a mauli on the girl's hand. The ceremony ends with the distribution of Prasad.So, these were the ceremonies that happen before the wedding takes place. There are many more that take place on the day of the wedding as well as after wedding. But, one thing is common about all these functions are that they all are full of life and celebration which is enhanced even more with dance and music.