The Pros of Relying on Nair Matrimony for Perfect Matchmaking
As per the study, the Nair community is not just a unitary group. Instead, it is the name that is used to describe a category of castes. These communities are inhabitants of the southern state of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala. The family structure and the Nair Matrimony customs are unique and rich in their ways.

Each Nair family follows a prominent set of rules according to which the eldest member of the family, called the Karnavan, owns the complete control over the common property of the family. He is also the in-charge of managing the income which is derived from the property and reimbursing them where required.

Well, just like the family structure, the customs of Nair Matrimony are also quite different and strict in their way. The customs of Nair marriage varies considerably based on the location of the region. However, prime rituals and traditions are more or less the same. Coming to the excellent points of interest in Nair Matrimony, there are two top rituals. The first one is the pre-pubertal Thalikettu Kalyanam which is followed by the second phase of the ceremony known as the Sambandham.

Polygamy was initially followed in the Nair customs; however, now it has been brought under check. However, the rituals related to marriage like the selection of the bride and the groom, etc., are still quite rigid.

What is Sambandham?
Sambandham can be described as a pure Nair matrimony in which a ritual is of presenting a cloth by a man to a woman. In ancient Kerala, as per reports, the men, as well as the women, could have Sambhandam with one or more than one person at the same time. However, with development in the mindset of the people, things have significantly changed.

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Rituals of the Nair Marriage
The Malayalam marriage and Nair Marriage have a lot of points in common. However, there is a slight difference between both which is marked by rituals and worships, which are described as follows:

The Serpent Worship:
The Serpent worship or the Naaga Devatha Pooja is followed strictly in the Nair customs. If you ever visit a Nair family, you would find that there is a serpent grove in every southwest corner of a Nair compound. The Nairs broadly classify themselves in several sub-groups. These Hindu groups are considered as the sub-castes or a mixture of subgroups and branched groups of them. Nairs are influenced directly by the Aryan traditions, remnants of the Naga customs, which is still prevalent amongst the Nairs.

Nair weddings usually very little religious customs and last only for a few minutes roughly. Chingham is one of the most auspicious months in the Malayalee Calendar. This month is considered to be the perfect time of the year to conduct Nair Shaadi. The marriage venue, in most cases, is the bride’s home. However, now, people prefer taking a Kalyana mandapam for attending the marriage event.

Kalyana Mandapam is the hall that is taken on rent for the occasion. In some conditions, temples are also chosen for the event. A pandal is erected on the foreground where the father of the bride performs the ritual of Kanyadaanam which signifies the father hands over his daughter to the groom. The marriage rituals of Nair matrimony thus comes to an end with this.

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