Though the concept of theme weddings is new in India, but it is creating a rage among the couples. Theme wedding is a creative expression of a couple's fancies and desires in an experimental and an unconventional manner. Though, it is a bit daring to go for a theme wedding, but if handled carefully, it can come out to be a real treat for the couple as well as the guests.

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If you are willing to incorporate a theme into your wedding processions then just go through some of the interesting concepts mentioned below :

Whimsical wedding theme :
An unconventional yet quite dramatic theme for creative lovers can be a Whimsical wedding. This wedding is set around the theme of a particular book, TV serial, era or collectibles. For a real memorable wedding, let your guests have fun and laugh around, with an unusual concept of Whimsical wedding.

Beach wedding :
Set at the shores of a sea, beach wedding is a dream wedding. This theme has become very popular among the young couples, as they desire to experience an exotic blissful marriage at the beautiful beaches. With a large number of beaches, India has become a perfect destination for beach weddings.

Flower wedding :
Flower wedding theme is a classic concept of getting married. Fresh and natural flowers like rose, sunflower, lilies, marigolds, gerberas and orchids can actually make an ambience look different and auspicious. This theme looks traditional yet beautiful.

Valentine wedding :
Valentine day is the best day of starting your love story by tying the knot on this day. As the air is filled with love everywhere, it is the perfect day to get married. You can go for a classic venue decorated with flowers everywhere and express your love for each other. This day has become popular amongst the couples and they particularly wish to tie the knot on Valentine's Day.

Handy tips while planning a theme wedding :

  • Make sure that the theme you are choosing for your wedding suits you and your spouse.
  • Go through a proper research and budget required for setting up the theme wedding.
  • Take the acceptance of your elders.
  • Be cautious while selecting the venue and lookout for an apt ambience.
  • Make your wedding look real.

A concept that was not popular five years back has caught the fancy of most of the couples, and now they desire to get married on the particular themes only. So, with the help of our write up you can now decide upon your wedding theme.