The first thought that Indian Wedding brings to your mind, a grand gala affair that is full of colors, dynamic events, rituals, celebrations and much more. Besides, the venue looks enthralling and is adorned with dazzling lights and colorful flowers. Indian weddings are celebrated lavishly and, practically an exorbitant amount of money is spent on the marriages. Apart from the venue and decoration, the most important thing that makes the celebrations lively and dynamic is the people who are a part of the festivity. But, when it comes to an Indian Wedding then everyone wants to look the best. Read ahead to know how you can perfectly attend an Indian wedding.

Tips that must be kept in mind, while attending an Indian wedding :

  • Apparel & Accessories : First and the foremost thing that must be paid attention while dressing up for an Indian Wedding is to dress up as modestly as possible. Choose your outfit very carefully. Don't think that it is the only occasion where you can flaunt everything that you have like your accessories, makeup, etc. Be elegant and classy. For women, it's preferable to wear a saree, heavy suits with the perfectly matched jewelry. Suits and sherwani are the best bet for men. Bright colors go well on this auspicious occasion and add an extra glamour to the entire atmosphere. Avoid wearing dull colors.
  • Gifts : Giving gifts is a common tradition at weddings. Along with our love and blessings, we all want to gift the bride and groom with presents that they can appreciate and cherish forever. Some people prefer to give household decoration items or jewelry. But, it is better to handover certain amount of cash to them, as they have to bear such an enormous amount of money for just a day's celebration.
  • Food : Indian weddings are always relished for the luxurious food. So, if you are going to attend an Indian Wedding, then do enjoy the sumptuous and enormous variety of dishes present there. Enjoy the cuisine and wide variety of snacks offered, before the main course. It's certain that you won't forget the taste of either the snacks or the main course present at the Indian Wedding for a long time.
  • Customs : Last, but not the least, Indian weddings are a perfect amalgamation of rituals and ceremonies. So, enjoy them and have fun.

    Indian weddings are surely a treat to eyes. Don't ever miss this amazing experience of being a part of an Indian wedding. You will surely remember it for the rest of your life.