Every new couple hopes to have the unique ideal marriage ceremony in which they are surrounded by their close spouse, close friends, relatives. They also want each and everything to go just as they have planned. One of the key causes of stress and troubles connected with planning a wedding is the huge amount of money which is used in weddings. The following below are some of the tips for couples to save before marriage :

  • First and the foremost tip is that, it is very important for couples to know each other.
  • Mutual understanding is a must between couples.
  • Communication should be there. You don't want to marry a girl or a boy who is shy, and font communicate a lot.
  • Couples should have the ability to tackle problems which are on the sensitive side. Don't let your ego overshadow you in front of your partner, if it takes a apology or a gentle hug "DO IT", as it will help solve the problems.
  • Start excepting your partner the way he/she is.
  • Do not rely on credit or personal loan to cover any part of the marriage. It will be the very last thing you want, to commence your new marriage life with a large debt clouding your time together.
  • Don't loose that spark after marriage which dwelled in your before. Keep healthy flirting on.
  • Always organize a date to go out for a movie or a dinner every once in a week. As this will make both of you feel special.
  • If you are a impatient, learn to become patient as this will help keep your marriage life running smoothly.
  • Start learning to compromise. Forgive and forget.
  • Don't forget to get intimate with your partner.

    You will need to implement all of the mentioned points listed above to start your marriage life with a healthy note.