As a newly-wed you must be having certain anticipations about life after marriage, when both of you have decided to travel together through the journey of life. Your wedding day is certainly the happiest day of your life but once you are married and loaded with responsibilities, the love and care you shared somehow seems to evaporate. To maintain that spark in your relationship after marriage, just follow these simple tips and nobody can stop you from having a happy and blissful married life.

  • Maintain Respect - The first thing and most important thing is to respect your partner. Unless you show respect, your spouse will not respect you back. Even in the face of new adjustments, it is essential to have good manners and compassion. In case of an argument, make your point but don't use harsh words that can hurt your partner.
  • Value Partner Space - Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two people that is endowed with love, understanding and mutual respect. But make sure that marriage does not seem like a jail. Do not cling to your partner all the time. Let them enjoy their free space as well.
  • Be Honest - In a relationship, the most important thing to do is to be honest. Do not hide anything from your partner as it can create suspicions in their mind and spoil your relationship. Always tell the truth and you can expect the same from your partner.
  • Sense Of Humor Is Essential - Don't always take things seriously. Learn to laugh at the situation and at yourself. Many arguments can be easily won with a joke or a word of humor.
  • Treat Each Other Equally - Just being a husband or a wife does not give you any extra authority. Don't consider yourself superior. A marriage is completed with the efforts of both the husband and wife who are incomplete without the other.
  • Learn To Compromise - If your partner is in the mood for a fight then just give into their point of view. Agree that they are right at that particular moment and later, when both of you are in a good mood, discuss the problem with them. It does not hurt to compromise; it will only make your relation stronger.
  • Take Time To Know Each Other - Both of you have come from different families and different backgrounds. You both have been brought up differently and so naturally your thought processes would not match. You views might be different from that of your partner's and it may be possible that they can not agree to some of them. Be patient as it takes time to understand each other.

    These are some of the most important points that newly wedded couples should consider after marriage. It is up to you and your partner to maintain a healthy relationship and it will require equal efforts from both of you, so make the most of it.