When couples enter the sanctity of marriage, they are filled with hope for a future full of love and laughter. And infact, the initial few months of marriage are representative of all they have ever desired and wished for. A newly-married couple is so engrossed with each other, that sharing, understanding and compromise becomes the order of the day with the only goal of making each other happy and contented. But this bliss of the first few moths often fails to last and relationships often get into trouble due to the indifference of both the individuals on certain major points.

Nurturing A Relationship The problem often lies in the thinking of the partners with regards to the institution of marriage. It is not realistic to desire for the best things in a marital union without putting in the least amount of effort. On the other hand, couples must work towards attaining happiness. Happiness in marriage can only be achieved through the pathway of love and care. This gives rise to the concept of Marriage Care. Indeed, Marriage Care is as simple as it sounds. Marriage requires equal amount of nurturing as does a newborn. When couples care for their marriage, it shows that they respect themselves and each other, and care enough to work things out for the best.

Miracle Of Love Love is the key ingredient in Marriage Care. Love prompts respect, understanding, forgiveness and humility. Love makes you tolerable towards your partners' imperfections and also sometimes seems to make them almost perfect for you. Learning to accept and forgive with humbleness is a part of being in love and this also doesn't allow pride to interfere in the smooth functioning of a relationship.
Marriage is the union of two distinct individuals that have two different sets of opinion, thinking and views. And when the two start living together, their differences are likely to cause problems. So, here comes the art of practicing patience, which is also an important component in successful marriage. Patience is an attitude and a positive quality that proves the strong-will and mental strength of an individual. Patience is derived from self-respect and respect for your partner. A patient approach helps in achieving solutions and compromise, which ranting and abusive behavior can never beget.

Reasons Leading To Failure Of Marriage
  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of patience due to irritability caused by stress and tension at work
  • Lack of quality time together
  • Imposing one's likings and views on the other
  • Lack of space within relationship for individual growth
  • Lack of encouragement and support

Marriage Care Tips To Save Your Marriage
  • Do not impose. Your partner has his/her individual likings and opinions. He/she will feel and do things differently. Suggestions and advices may be welcome but criticizing your partner for not following your instructions and edits.
  • Be open to your partner's ideas, suggestions, opinions, views, etc, and respect it.
  • Be open and share your thoughts with your partner. Ask for advice, opinions, and suggestions. Interaction with your partner is of utmost importance and that is what makes him/her feel wanted and important.
  • Spend quality time together. Spend lazy evenings doing nothing, watching films, preparing dinner, etc. Make your partner feel special.
  • Give space to your partner. The partners should sometimes take time off from each others' company and address to issues pertaining to their individual self. If your wife wants to go shopping with her friends, let her. If your husband wants to have a boy's night out with old friends, let him.
  • Have faith in your partner. Politely asking instead of doubting and accusing, will get you straight and honest answers.

Last but not the least, be a perfect friend to your partner. 'Friends first and couple later' should be taken as the golden mantra for Marriage Care. Friendship gives a whole new perspective to marriage. In friendship, couples tend to become more tolerant, understanding and forgiving of each other.