A marriage proposal is a special moment, both for the partner who is proposing as well as the one who is receiving it. There are many ways to make this special moment even more special; one of the ways is to choose a unique place where you can propose to your partner. If you too are thinking about proposing, read on to get an idea about some of the unique destinations you can try out.

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Choose A Natural Setting : If your partner is a nature lover, then nothing can be more romantic than an exclusive date with your partner in the heart of the Amazon rainforests, the deepest & most untouched of jungles in the world. Though the Amazon may not be feasible idea for everybody, local forests can be found everywhere. Plan a picnic/camping/trekking trip with your partner & when you finally reach the destination, you can propose. What could be a more romantic place to propose than in the heart of a jungle, surrounded by natural beauty, a sparkling river flowing in the background maybe, t& he sounds of the jungle providing an apt background score?

Choose A Historical Place : For a unique marriage proposal, what can be better than taking him/her to a historical place which has been associated with love & romance for many centuries now - The Taj Mahal? Taj Mahal, a tribute to the beautiful queen Mumtaz Mahal by her husband Shah Jahan, is a favorite monument visited by travelers from all around the world. If you have yet to see this wonder, then it would be a two-in-one deal. Not only will this be a wonderful place to propose marriage but you will also get a chance to get a glimpse of this marvellous wonder.

Choose An Adventurous Setting Adventure for you could mean a hot air balloon ride, a backpacking trip to France, on top of a giant Ferris wheel, or any other. Make the best of these adventurous settings to make the marriage proposal truly memorable & out-of-the-world. Find Online Matrimonials Services & Ideas