Valentine Day Celebrate Days Of Love

Comes the month of February and everyone gets prepped up for the most romantic week of the year. Wherever you go, the markets, malls and even restaurants, every place is decorated with red heart balloons. Truly, love can be felt in the air in this month. Everyone who’s in love waits for this week to spend special time with their partner and those who are still single take this week as the opportunity to speak their hearts out. From Rose Day to Valentine’s Day, lovers ensure that every day of this week is spent in a special way. Let’s have a look at all these days and how to make each day special for you and your loved ones.

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7th February : Rose Day The week starts with Rose Day. Everyone knows that roses are the best thing to gift your sweetheart and share your heart’s feelings. Just to keep you updated, different colors of roses mean different things. If you want to profess your love, then you must use a red rose, yellow roses are for friendship, white to end fights and make peace, orange for passion and pink for appreciation. Choose the right rose to confess the right feelings.

8th February : Propose Day The second day of the week is the Propose Day. It is one of the most awaited days of this romantic week. After you have shared your feelings by giving a rose, its time you give words to your heart’s desire. While most of the in-relationship couples surprise their loved ones by using creative ways to show their love, it is also a great day for the singles to approach their love interest and propose their love interest.

9th February : Chocolate Day Chocolates are everyone’s weakness. If you wish to convey your feeling to the special someone then there’s no better way to do it than with a chocolate. You can also try home-made chocolates to make this day all the more special for you and your sweetheart.

10th February : Teddy Day Once you have filled sweetness into your partner’s life by gifting chocolates, it’s time you gift them something cute and adorable like a teddy bear on Teddy Day. There are several types of teddy bears available in the market, both for girls and guys. Remember, they will always keep this teddy by their bedside so choose the best one for them.

11th February : Promise Day Having gifted all these things, it’s time you get more serious in the relationship and make some promises on Promise Day. Surprise your lover by promising them something that they’ve always been hinting about; whether it is about quitting a bad habit or adopting a good one, make a promise to them on this day.

12th February : Hug Day Get closer to your partner on Hug Day. Nothing actually comforts you more after a long and tiring day than a warm hug by your partner. Cuddle with them and share a tight embrace to show how much you acre and love each other.

13th February : Kiss Day This is one of the most popular days among the lovers as it gives them the opportunity to seal their love with a passionate kiss. Kiss them on the lips to show your love and passion, on the forehead to express your care and on the cheeks if you want to keep it light and flirtatious.

14th February : Valentine’s Day After a week-long celebration of some amazing days comes the most awaited day of the year, the Valentine’s Day. In-love couples make special plans with their lovers on this day and those who are still single take this day as an opportunity to convey their love to their crush or love interest in a uniquely different way.

Valentine’s Day has taken on the Indian matrimonial as well and people have, in fact, started booking this day for their weddings. From arranged matchmaking couples to in-a-relationship lovers, Valentine’s Day certainly holds a special place in everybody’s calendar. So, go ahead and put some efforts to make this day and week really special.

Happy Valentine’s Day!