A well lit wedding venue having sparkling vibrant colored lights is appreciated by all guests. Wedding is an auspicious occasion marked by an atmosphere that is lively and at the same time romantic for the couple. Since ages, lighting has been an integral part of the wedding decoration. A house decorated with lights is a symbol of a wedding ceremony to be solemnized.

Why Lights Form An Important Part Of Wedding Decoration?
The colors and intensity of the light sets the mood of any occasion. It can highlight any mood be it romance, anger, envy, vivacious etc. Without lights, a marriage ceremony remains dull. The sources of lights that are extensively used during weddings are candles, electric bulbs, chandeliers etc. In this era, ornamentation of the wedding house and the venue has turned into a class affair. People lookout for something new and trendy and doesn't hesitate from trying new ideas. So, if your or your loved ones' marriage is round the corner then make it special by using the tips we provide you for wedding light decoration.

  • The path that leads to the main wedding area should be properly illuminated. The color of the lights should preferably be white or simple yellow.
  • The stage where the groom and the bride sit should be decorated with vibrant colored lights. Candles and diyas can also be used to give it a more romantic touch. Also, it should be well-lit so that the glow on the face of the bride and the groom is clearly visible to all.
  • Dance floor is the place where the energy needed is the max. Use of multicolored lights along with special effects sets a rocking atmosphere. Mirrored ball lights are very much in fashion; these are also use to light the dance floor. Colors used are rosy hues.
  • Fogger having special lights is used as it offers a mystique atmosphere.
  • Luminarias: it is one of the new light concepts used for wedding decorations. Candles are inserted in small boxes in the shapes of hearts, doves, stars, etc. these boxes have small holes through which beams of light come out. These are perfect to be used during evening ceremonies.
  • Designer candles ornated in a tea light or candelabras provides a flickering warmth to a whole atmosphere. These can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. In addition, hurricane lamps and lanterns with different colored candles can also be used.

Assistance or services of light coordinators can be taken to enhance the look and feel of the wedding venue. They are experts of the field and are well-versed with the new technology and ideas related to lights.


  • Lights that irritate the eyes
  • Lights not in-sync with the wedding theme
  • Overdoing the light decoration

    By now you must have garnered some important lighting ideas that can be mixed and matched in order to embellish the place. Always remember that marriage happens once in a lifetime and celebrating it under bright and lavish lights add to its grandeur. Light up your wedding venue such that it lights up your new beginning.