All of us have several plans for our wedding and many people start planning about their wedding theme since childhood. Everything in a wedding expresses our personality and style, right from decorations to music and from food to attire. So, the theme of the wedding becomes a very important aspect. Here are some wedding themes and ways in which you can use make your wedding dream come true.

Beach Wedding : This is one of the most popular themes, where the ceremony is conducted on a lovely sandy beach. According to this theme, the wedding dress should be lighter and casual than the usual dress. The decorations done in this wedding consist of seashells and fishing nets. At night, floating candles can be lit in glass bowls or torches can be kept in long bamboo shafts.

Fairy Tale Wedding : This is another most liked theme by couples. The easiest way to incorporate this theme is by dressing the couple in age-old fairy tale styles. A fitted bodice with a tulle skirt is very fitting for fairy tale weddings. This style is easily available in different bridal shops. It can be also referred to as Cinderella gown. The perfect attire for the groom would be a white tuxedo with tails. The couple can arrive in a horse-drawn carriage. The best part of this theme is the ballroom reception.

Medieval Wedding : The third popular theme gives takes the couple on a ride through medieval times while the medieval music with romantic sonnets of Shakespeare can be played. Costumes for the Bride and groom, and the entire wedding party can be rented. The wedding reception is main attraction with a festive multi-course meal with musicians and troubadours. The couple can also take the vows in the language of medieval times.

These are just a few of the wedding themes but the important thing is that you should choose a theme with which both the partners are satisfied. Some themes are more costly than others so you should select a theme which is the most suitable according to your budget.