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Wedding Clothes

  • Know When To End A Relationship
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Wedding Clothes |Last Updated: 2013-04-16

    Love, attractions, and infatuations are feelings which do not follow established rules of logic. You can never be sure about when or with whom you would get attracted to or when someone gets attracted to you. It is love's refusal to fall into the patterns of logic which has left many an indi...

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  • Indian Groom's Wedding Clothes
    By: Palak Gupta | In: Wedding Clothes |Last Updated: 2010-07-09

    Wedding is a sacred institution especially in India. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and special attention is levied on the dresses of Bride, Groom and the other members of the family. Groom and Bride are the most looked upon people and they need to stand apart from the crowd. H...

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