The notions about marriages have changed drastically over the years. The stigma attached to being a divorcee has almost dwindled and people are not embarrassed to commit that if they do not find the right partner first time, they would be happy to opt for a second alliance. Life is like a journey where one makes mistakes and then learns from them. If you too felt that your last marriage was a bit of drama or may be a happy disaster, then here are some tips on how you can save your second marriage from a repeated disaster.

Friendship And Laughter : Friendship is the base of every relationship, be it with your parents, with your teacher or with your employer. Then why not become good friends with your spouse? Start by knowing each other. You can try watching some comedy movies together or try playing pranks on the annoying neighbor. If you two can joke and laugh together, congratulations you can be friends forever.

Quality Time : Every relationship needs time and if you don't have time for your spouse it means your relationship has lost its meaning. In your marriage you would find many unavoidable circumstances like heavy work load at office and responsibilities of children, but you would have to learn how to balance your life and take out some quality time to spend with your partner. You can go out every weekend rather than bringing work at home. May be you can take up a job that requires less of your time. You would have to set priorities!

Trust, respect & love : Never let distrust creep into your marriage. It would only lead to fracas and endless arguments. The repercussions can be serious and you partner may lose all respect for you. It might be the case that your partner is a bit overly possessive in nature. Human beings have their flaws and imperfections but when we love somebody we fall in love with their imperfections too. Compromise is important in a healthy relationship.

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If you think your partner is a bit jealous type, try avoiding doing things with opposite sex that makes your partner go green with envy. Marriages may be made in heaven but these are arranged between two earthly people who have their set of weakness and imperfections. You probably gave up on your first marriage because you could not put up with your partner's so called negative traits. So basically if you are able to compromise and live with your partners' flaws you are all set for a happy second marriage.