Solo Wedding: The Latest Trend For Single Women

Are you in love with yourself? Would you like to marry no one else but your own self? How about getting some amazing pictures of you in a stunning wedding gown; with the perfect hair and flawless makeup? Would you believe it if we told you that this is possible with the emerging concept of the solo wedding?

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There are many women who love certain concepts of marriage while completely despising the other. We came across various women who loved the gleam and glamour of wedding ceremonies but were not ready to take the vows and get into any serious commitment. If you can relate to such yearnings then the new trend of solo weddings should be your next activity on the bucket list. Whether you are more passionate about your career or haven’t found a special someone yet, whatever your reason for not getting hitched, the solo wedding would serve all your desires. This trend originated in Japan and has become quite popular among women who dream to see themselves as a bride but do not actually want to take the vows.

How Did It Come Into Existence?

  • From the stunning gown to the hair styling, from the perfect makeup to the bridal photo shoot, a solo wedding enables you to enjoy all the happiness of getting married without actually doing it. But, how did it all start? Who came up with the idea of the solo wedding?

Yukiko Inoue, a 48 years old divorcee in Japan, has the answer to all your questions. She started a travel agency around 10 years back where she arranged safe trips for Japanese women who were travelling to Europe all by themselves. She came up with the concept of a solo wedding around 2 years back when her 37 years old friend Natsumi Akai disclosed her desire of getting a photo shoot as a bride. And that is how a solo wedding was born.

What Can You Expect In A Solo Wedding?

  • Remember how, as little girls, we used to slip into our mother’s wedding dress and imagine ourselves as the beautiful brides? In a solo wedding, you get to experience the same pleasure, but instead of mere imagination, you can actually get yourself all dressed up as a real bride and get clicked in your dream pose.

  • Solo wedding is a two-day package where you get to enjoy all the activities just like a real bride would do. On the first day, you get to try on various bridal gowns and choose the one that you love. This travel agency would get the dress fitted to flatter your body style and make you look stunning in the dress. On the second day, after waking up from a long beauty sleep, you get to dress up in your dream wedding dress. Like a real bride, you also get your own makeup and hair stylist to transform you into a fairy queen.

  • Once ready, you will be taken to the Shugakuin Kirara Sanso Japanese garden where you will be welcomed by a professional photographer. You can try various poses to get your dream picture.

A travel agency has helped as many as 130 Japanese women in the past two years to realize their dream of getting clicked as beautiful brides. Whether you are an independent woman or have not found your soul mate yet, solo weddings can be a great option to get your dream picture without having to actually marry a real guy.

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