Vedic Marriages are performed according to the rituals mentioned in the Vedas, which are the oldest and Holy Scriptures of Hinduism. In Hinduism, marriages are literally considered to be made in heaven which is why marriages are a grand affair in Hinduism. The divine union of the two souls is completed by chanting of hymns and mantras by the priest in-front of fire as fire is considered to sanctify the union. Few steps are followed during a Vedic Marriage and they are as follows:
  • Vara Satkaarah : This is the ceremony of welcoming the groom and the people who came with him by the bride's mother at the entrance of the wedding hall. Vermillion and turmeric powder is applied on the grooms forehead which known as tilak, by the bride's mother.
  • Madhuparka Ceremony : In this step the groom is received by the bride's father at the altar and presented gifts.
  • Kanya Dan : Here the bride's father gives away his daughter to the groom for life while the mantras are being sung by the priest.
  • Vivah-Homa : Here the sacred fire is lit and the auspicious ceremony begins because fire is believed to sanctify everything.
  • Pani Grahan : The groom accepts the bride as his wife by taking her right hand in his left.
  • Pratigna Karan : The couple makes rounds of the fire lead by bride while taking oaths of loyalty and unconditional love towards each other for life.
  • Shila Arohan : Here the bride steps on a stone slab with the help of her mother and then she is counseled by her mother on the new life that awaits her.
  • Laja Homah : Here puffed rice is thrown into the sacred fire as offering to the Gods by the couple. The bride keeps her palms over those of the groom during the ceremony.
  • Parikrama or Mangal Fera : Here the couple circle the fire once again for seven times that finally legalizes the marriage according to custom and law as well.
  • Saptapadi : A knot is tied between the groom's scarf and the bride's dress after which they take seven steps together that represents nourishment, strength, prosperity, happiness, progeny, long life, and harmony.
  • Abhishek : Here holy water is sprinkled on the couple while praying for the sun and the pole star.
  • Ashirvadh : After the completion of the above mentioned steps, the couple take the blessings of the elders present there from both the sides of the groom and the bride. Vedic Marriages are very interesting and full of rituals that take a long time. The marriage is fully devoted to the almighty for his blessings on the couple.

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