Remember how you took the wedding vows to love and honor your partner every day for the rest of your life? It’s no surprise that most of the couples start falling out of love within the first five years, or maybe less, of taking those vows. While some of the couples manage to sail through the tough times, others can be seen drowning as soon as the first big wave hit their marriage boat.

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that the honeymoon period, in most of the Indian marriages, does indeed have a shelf life, but, it does not mean that you let your relationship slip away just because it’s not coming out to be as expected. Bringing back love and joy in a relationship takes efforts; both from the lady and the man. You need to put in all your love and affection to give a new beginning to your relationship. That said; here are some of the quick and easy tips to start fresh in your marriage.

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  • Say “I LOVE YOU” And “THANK YOU” : Simple things first; you need to remind yourself as well as your partner that you love them. According to a study, the more you say that you love him/her, the more you will actually fall in love with them. Other than that, you should also learn to say thank you to your spouse for all the little things that they do for you. These two phrases may appear to be very common but they leave a lasting effect on the person who receives appreciation or love.
  • Let Go Of The Bad Past : It is very important in your relationship to let go of all the bad memories to have a fresh start. You cannot carry the baggage on your shoulders and start everything all over again at the same time. Every ill-feeling, every bitter memory, every hurt that you’ve faced should be erased from your memory if you want to give a new beginning to your relationship.
  • Relive The Good Old Days : In order to start your marriage anew, you need to dig deeper into the past and find out all the things that made you both happy and strengthen your bond. Whether it was going for movie dates, candle light dinners or just strolling through the city hand-in-hand with your partner, jot down all that made you both happy and incorporate these small activities in your daily lives.
  • Learn To Listen : Listening to what the partner says is very important to give your relationship a fresh and new start. And by listening, we don’t mean just hearing the words that your partner utters, but also trying to listen to what their silence says. Understand their emotions and try to hear between the lines. Know the difference between what you partner is saying and what they actually mean to say.
  • Appreciate Each Other : Appreciating the good and the bad alike of your partner is the key to a happy married life. As discussed earlier, saying thank you is definitely a good way to let your partner know that you appreciate what they’ve done for you. Notice all the little things that they do for you, whether it’s your dress that you find ironed every morning or the hot cup of coffee that you get as you get to the house, appreciate every little thing.
  • Take On A New Venture Together : Working together on a new project or going on a tour together makes you come closer to each other. You tend to forget about all their flaws and focus more on completing the thing that you’ve undertaken with utmost dedication. Enrolling for dancing classes together, raising a pet together or even repainting your house together will get you closer to each other.

These tips are a sure shot way to give a new beginning to your dying relationship. Instead of starting over in your relationship, you should give up on all the past baggage and begin everything anew. Remember your pre-wedding days of matchmaking and enjoy your holy matrimonial with your partner for the rest of your lives.