Love and trust are the two pillars holding the foundation of any strong relationship and every couple avow the same and try best to preserve the love and trust forever. However, sometimes a little bit of overthinking and negative thoughts ruin the treasure of love and relationship as well. Girls are more sentimental and sensitive so they have a propensity to over think and gradually develop feeling of insecurity. It is common and in many cases things get sorted easily but in few other the love and trust is completely overshadowed by the dark clouds of insecurity.

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It’s true that insecurity doesn’t take time to breach even the strongest relationship foundations and break them down to nothing. A majority of girls complain about getting insecure about their partners even though they know their man would never in a million years think of cheating on them. So, what are the reasons behind these insecurities? Here we decode the mystery and bring to you 5 reasons why girls feel so insecure all the time.

  • They Overthink Everything : Overthinking can be bad for any relationship. Most girls who overthink about every little thing can be feeding their inner insecurities. They not just listen to every word that their partner says, but also think about its hidden meanings even when there’s not. Moreover, girls who overthink about every situation, every gesture and every little detail about their boyfriend can be making false stories in their heads about their life partners. He is talking to another girl so he is no longer interested in me, he is not answering his phone so he must be ignoring me and many more such insecure feelings arise when a girl starts overthinking.
  • They Want To Be The Best : Girls who try to be the best for their partners often end up being too insecure. They want to give their best at loving their partners, want to buy the best presents for them, look their best, in all just wants to ensure their partner is the happiest with them. The constant struggle of being the best gives birth to a question that whether their best is good enough for them or not. They believe that their darling partner deserves the best and the constant struggle for meeting their own expectations of the best can give rise to insecurities; insecurities that their guy may find someone who can be better for him.
  • They Can’t Give You Enough Time : This one may come as a surprise as many feel that a guy giving less time to his girl causes insecurities but the opposite is also true. Girls can feel insecure even when they feel that they are not able to give enough time to their man. There’s a long thought process behind this conclusion which starts right from girls being too busy, making them feel that their guy must be wanting their company and as they as unavailable, he may just move on to another girl. This insecurity is generally seen in working women who struggle juggling their office, family and love life.
  • They Confuse Imagination With Reality : Many girls confuse imagination with reality and this is the sole reason for their immense insecurity. They feel that what they imagine about their partner is the real truth; it could be idealized thoughts or even the downgraded ones. They may imagine cuddling their life partners throughout the night (which in reality can cause a severe backache) but failing to do so may give rise to insecurities in any relationship. They may feel that the partner does not feel the way they do or he is not making enough efforts to make their beautiful imaginations come true. Unable to see their imaginations come true can be a big reason behind the insecurity in any girl.
  • They Are Too Active Socially : Another reason why many girls feel insecure is that their habit of being too active on social media. Girls stalk, that cannot be denied and the more time they spend on social media, they more they know what their partner is doing in his social life. They spend too much time on social media which helps them keep an eye on each and every activity of their partner. They know whose picture their partner has liked or all the other “hot” girls their partner is following. So guys beware, being too social on social media can make your girlfriend insecure. Mind your actions.

Having the same feelings can give birth to insecurity in even the strongest relationships. Tackle these feelings of insecurity during the initial matchmaking phase itself so that it does not create any type of crack in your relationship post-marriage. Girls know your self-worth and chop off the roots of these unconscious feeling before they spread and harm your relation.