Reasons Why Men With Chubby Partners Are Happier Than The Rest

According to research conducted by Dr Edgardo Morales and Dr Filemon Alvarado, Department of Psychology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), men who are in a relationship with chubbier women are happier than others. These men smile more often and can tackle the big and small problems of their lives easier when they have a chubby partner by their side. The extra kilos on their body are not excess fat but it’s their love and affection that can instantly bring a smile to your face and fill your day with light. That said; let’s have a look at the major reasons why men with chubby partners are happier than the rest.

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  • You’ll Never Stay Hungry: Science has proven that the survival skills of a chubby girl are higher than any skinny girl. The reason is that they can use their creativity to use any ingredient present and turn it into a mouthwatering dish. At this time, when more and more girls are refraining from cooking, chubby girls love food and are always up to try new recipes and cooking yummy dishes for themselves (which, obviously, you would get to taste as well!).

  • No Communication Gaps: In a study conducted by UNAM, chubby girls have better communication with their partners. Not just that, they also make their partners develop better communication skills. So, no more complaining about communication gaps guys, cause having a chubby girlfriend would improve your communication and help you express your feelings better.

  • Foodie For Life: Many men complain about their partner going on diet and ordering those tasteless green salads every time they go on dates. Having a chubby partner erases all such problems. When it comes to food, you will never hear a NO from your chubby girlfriend. She is always ready to try on new dishes and would jump up at the sight of the delicious snacks offered to her. To be able to enjoy their food guilt-free with their chubby and foodie girlfriend makes men happier than ever.

  • Ready To Laze Around: Lazing around is one of the favourite past times of a chubby girl. With her as your life partner, you would never hear any complaints while desiring to snuggle up on the couch for a movie marathon with a bucket full of popcorn. Unlike other girlfriends, chubby girls are always ready to relax and laze around in their PJs, helping you save those extra bucks on expensive dates.

  • Affectionate: A chubby girlfriend is more affectionate and loves to show it to her beloved. She will shower you with warm hugs and surprise kisses to show her affection for you. Matchmaking done with a chubby girl would ensure that you would never be emotionally strained as her warm hug and long cuddles would be there to take it away. Her affectionate gestures can instantly brighten you up even on your dullest and most stressful days.

  • Higher Reproduction Rate: An important reason why men tend to be happier with chubby women is that they have a higher reproduction rate as compared to skinny girls. One of the cliched reasons behind marriage is getting a progeny for the family. A chubby girlfriend turns out to conceive and reproduce in a healthier manner than a skinny one. Studies have shown that chubby women have more children without any complications as they are already accustomed to carrying more weight.

These were some of the chief reasons why men who have chubby girlfriends or wives tend to be much happier than others. So men break away from the fat-shaming mindset and start getting hitched with chubby girls as even science has proved now that they can keep their men happier for life.

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