Eternal Sunshine of the Beautiful Odia Bride

Eternal Sunshine of the Beautiful Odia BrideOdisha located in East India is a state of immense biodiversity, abundance of nature, architecturally remarkable temples, and simplicity. This modesty of Oriya people is imitated in their wedding ceremony as well. Odisha is a mystical land. The land blessed by Lord Jagganath. One of the most intriguing facts about an Oriya Wedding is that the groom’s mother does not take part in the wedding. The Oriya matrimony bride is not only beautiful but highly educated. They look for grooms who have a good education, a stable career along with cultural and family values.

Few essentials to be carried by the Oriya bride are-

Mukuta– Bride and groom both have to wear a crown which is essential wedding attire. Shimmery and glittery in golden and silver shades which enhances the entire attire of the couple.

Baula Patta– A bright yellow saree with a red border is a basic what the bride wears during the wedding ritual. She can even put it on her shoulder as a shawl if not wearing.

Alata– Traditionally, alata was used to colour an Odia bride’s hands and feet. This red colour alata signifies auspiciousness and fertility.

Customs and Traditions of Oriya Wedding
Oriya weddings are a perfect example of grandeur infused with simplicity. The rituals and traditions will touch the heart of the people in many ways. Oriya weddings involve numerous customs and rituals, from wedding to Graha Pravesh, there are certain elements which shall always remain the same in the Oriya marriage. Some of the wedding rituals are as described-

Jai Ragada: Before sending a wedding invitation card to Lord Jagannath in Puri and relatives, there is a ritual to be performed by married women in the family who first worship the millstone and then grind the urad dal.

Mangan: It is a pre-wedding ritual where the bride-to-be is bathed with seven types of water in the presence of seven married women and Haldi paste smeared on her face and body. This ritual epitomizes the commencement of wedding rituals.

Hastaganthi: This ritual is an integral part of kanyadaan, where the bride\\'s and groom’s hands are tied together and placed over the top of the water pot.

Sala Bidha: This is an entertaining ritual where the brother-in-law of the groom punches him on his back with not much force.

Kaudi Khela: It is a lively game where a bride and groom hide a shell in their fist and they both attempt to open it up. The one who wins the game influences the whole married life.

Bhara– When the bride leaves for her in-laws’ place after marriage, she takes along ‘bhara‘. The cartons of sweets include enormous laddoos, jalebi, and many other traditional sweets for her new relatives.

Oriya Cuisine respects both veg and non-veg dishes
Every Indian state entails its specialty in cuisines. In the north, people find spicy food with lots of butter, while those in the South prefer food made from flour, using plenty of coconuts in the food. Orissa is in eastern India, hence there\\'s a normal penchant for non-vegetarian meals alongside varieties of traditional and luscious vegetarian courses. The food menu in Oriya matrimony is delightful and traditional.

Their culinary exploits are reflected in the menu and taste of the foods served in Oriya weddings. Oriya cooks mouth-watering food using fewer spices and oil. One can find much conventional regional cuisine in the wedding food chart, followed by many other cuisines. The wedding dinner menu is a complete mash-up. Oriya matrimony is no less than heaven. They have an elaborate food menu that includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, Rice, Roti, curries, special coastal food, and amazing desserts.

Why is Oriya Matrimonial popular among the youth?
\r\nA life partner is someone who you are going to spend the rest of your lives with, your sorrows, joys, and everything will be shared by that person. Finding the right match for their child is one of the biggest worries of Indian parents. Hence, it is integral to find the perfect one. The present-day rituals have captured web matchmaking where the prospective brides and grooms search for their matches using the internet. Now, parents no longer have to visit the priest or a marriage broker for matchmaking. Everyone needs to know the benefits of Oriya Matrimonial sites. Some of the reasons are as described-

It enables them to cater to reliable services to their customers.

Numerous matrimonial profiles are available on online Matrimonial sites.
Matrimonial sites allow people to search and communicate with people of their choice all over the world through online chat services.

It allows people to know much more about others including their qualities, hobbies, family background, and interests.

It saves time and money and one can log in anytime, anywhere, and browse through various profiles.
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Thus, with a professional Oriya matrimonial site, one can be successful in finding their match.

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