Using Tiffany Blue as a wedding theme symbolizes the sense of elegance, opulence and wealth at your special day. It is not necessary to use Tiffany Jewelry to apply the Tiffany Theme to your wedding. Sometimes, people cannot afford to buy the jewelry. You can simply apply tiffany along with pearl white color to give it a grace and a little bit of sparkle to make it an authentic Tiffany Wedding.

The Tiffany Blue Theme Can Be Applied For:

  • Invitations : Print your invitation card under the tiffany blue theme. It would be amazing to tie a pearl white ribbon over your three fold card with the initials of the name of the couple over them. This will create an impact of a classic Tiffany Gift Boxes and bags when your guests will receive it.
  • Decor : The Tiffany Blue Theme can be reflected into the ambience of the wedding venue. Theme can be applied to linens, flowers and chair covers. Blue lights can be used around the dining area. For flowers, you can try using white lilies with a blue satin ribbon tied over it to reflect the color scheme. Remember that it is best not to overdo the color scheme as it will result into a disaster. Use of light color should be more if you have chosen an indoor venue.
  • Favors : Favors should also match to your wedding themes. Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme can be easily implemented on your favors. You can present them into a blue colored box with a thick white satin ribbon tied over it. You may fill it with your favorite chocolates or any other thing you find suitable. Make sure that whatever you choose your guests love it.
  • Dress : Both Bride and Groom can be dressed as per Tiffany Blue Theme. Brides may ask her accompanying girls to wear blue gowns and she herself wear white gown similar things can be done with the groom. Dresses can also add grace to the Tiffany Blue theme Wedding.

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Tiffany blue has become very famous in the past few years. It looks really elegant and is liked by the guests too. What you need to do is to choose the color shades wisely and arrange them in good proportion.