Marriages that happen without adequate know-how about the prospective bride or groom's family often end up in an unsuccessful alliance. Nobody wants his/her marriage to end up in an eerie manner. Everyone dreams of getting tied in the bond of matrimony that last for long. But, this pious relation is not equally fruitful for all. It is a risky affair which requires in-depth study & verification of the bride or groom, their family & their background. The concept of divorces that was not as popular in India as it was in West, has gained momentum in the present scenario largely owing to the lack of pre-marital verification.

Marriage is one such relation that is very delicate and needs proper care & handling. One wrong move or mistake can crack the bondage of trust and put an end to the love between the two. Thus, it is recommended to get into the alliance of marriage only once you are ready for it. Every facet related to this relation needs a lot of attention.

Repercussions Attached To A Marriage Solemnized Without Proper Verification : India is a nation, which is majorly supported by the people having mindset supporting the arranged marriages. But, still many believe that love is the way it has got to be for tying the knot of marriage. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are going for love marriage or arranged; there are many factors that need to be assured before reading the matrimonial vows. It is a common plight of women in India that they are harassed for money or are subjected to death. Many girls even attempt suicide, owing to the pathetic treatment by their in-laws. Hence, it is always better to take your own sweet time, despite of tying the knot in hurry. Take care as well as caution in the first place only in order to avoid any mishaps later.

What Can Be Done To Avoid Situation Of Broken Marriages?

  • Investigate about the bride or groom & their family. You can enquire about the credentials as well as who's who of the prospective couple.
  • Hire an investigation agency for the same, it always works. These agencies send their expert detectives or investigators to get the desired information about the potential bride or groom you are looking for.

    Matrimonial surveillance can clear the doubts of the families and can help garner adequate know how about the other party's social background, character, education, financial situation, character, social reputation, etc.

    By now you must have understood the importance of conducting Pre-marital verification. So, before entering into any kind of matrimonial alliance, don't rush instead be cool.