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  • Tips For The Perfect Matrimonial Photo

    By: Palak Gupta | In: Matrimonial Profile | Last Updated: 2011-02-18
    Posting your photo is the best way to get noticed on Matrimonial Sites, but there is a fact to consider-Is the viewer really impressed? The photograph on your profile dictates a lot about you apart from increasing your prospective of getting good responses. You should be very careful while getting your photograph clicked, as it helps in giving people a true glimpse of your personality. If you are not comfortable and confident about your photo and have no idea how to get the right photo clicked, you can follow these simple tips when the time comes.

    Be Natural, Be yourself
    On a matrimonial site, the appearance matters a lot and your face is first thing to get noticed. Do not appear nervous, just do the activity that you really enjoy while taking a photo. Relaxing and smiling are the added measures that you can go for.

    Take Cluster of Pictures at a Time
    Why to go for only one when you can click more? Always take a bunch of pictures in a variety of moods and expressions. With each shot your expressions will get better and surely some of them will be really admired by all.

    What to Wear?
    Wear something in which you are comfortable and also an outfit that enhances your look. Apart from this, you can also go for some smaller details like- go for dark colored dresses such as black and blue when clicking in night and bright colors like fresh green, yellow, white for day time. Also, make sure that the background forms a proper contrast with your outfit.

    Perfect Headshot is Necessary
    Ensure while taking the photo that your face is properly highlighted. You need not be a professional for the same, a focus on your doe-like eyes and beautiful smile is more than enough.

    Be in Limelight
    Make sure that it's you who is properly focused in the picture and not the tree that you are standing beside. The picture should have a closer and more prominent view of yours.

    So, when you post your picture on your matrimonial profile the next time, we are sure you will earn lots of appreciation from the admirers.
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