Hinduism is one of the largely followed religions of the world. Having its roots in the ancient Vedic culture, it is one of the richest religions having innumerable customs. Every stage of life whether it's the birth, marriage or death, various rituals or rites have to be followed and performed. Each of these rites is prescribed in one or the other Hindu Texts.

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One must have a deep knowledge of its religious rites. Marriage is a sacred bond that not only unites two people but two souls. A marriage in Hindu culture is a matter of great importance and carries with it dozens of responsibilities. Not everyone knows that Hindu marriages are of various types. Do not mistake it with the different community marriages like Bengali, Maharashtrian , etc. or with love or arrange marriages. We provide you a write up that details you about the types of Hindu marriages.

Manusmriti is an ancient Hindu text that contains all the rituals and customs that has to be followed by all the Hindus. According to this text Hindu marriages are categorized into eight different types. We present a brief account of all the eight types of Hindu marriages.

Rite of Brahmana (Brahma) : As per this marriage the bride's father hands over his daughter to a man well-versed in Vedas. The bride is adorned with numerous precious jewels.

Rite of the Gods (Daiva) : In this type of marriage the well-embellished daughter is handed over to a priest who carries out a kind of sacrifice during the marriage procession. The daughter is in turn given away to the gods.

Rite of the Rishis (Arsha) : Here the bridegroom takes away the bride after giving a cow and a bull to the bride's father.

Rite of the Prajapati - (Prajapatya) : It is one of the simplest kinds of Hindu marriages where the bridegroom takes the bride after they are blessed with a text from the bride's father. The text is "May both of you perform together your duties".

Rite of the Asuras (Demons) : Here the bridegroom showers his wealth on the bride and her kinsmen. This marriage is a pure display of power and wealth.

Rite of the Gandharva : In the present world this type of marriage is commonly known as Love marriage. It is a union of the two lovers. Desire is the guiding force of such marriages.

Rite of the Rakshasa : This is the cruelest of all types. Here the bride is abducted and her relatives or kinsmen are either killed or wounded.

Rite of the Pisaka : In this type of marriage the man by means of his craftiness wins over the heart of the girl that is intoxicated, sleeping, handicapped or mentally disbalanced.

Aforementioned eight types of marriages have been religiously performed by the Hindus since ages now. With the help of our write up you will now be well-versed with the types of marriages that Hindus have.